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Heading to England…a Spiritual Quest

Me and my husband will Arrive in London on July 29th. We are so looking forward to the Earth Magic, Goddess Sites, Ancient Stone Circles and villages: I have a feeling this will deeply inform my Spiritual Healing work.

My Spirit Guides—including my horse in spirit, Solo—have been very loud in my ear…and my heart and mind feel very activated.

Here’s to the Songlines & Leylines of the heart…and May they resonate and Align with the flowing energies of our beloved Gaia! Singers, raise your voices! Raise your laughter! Raise your vibration! All of us are being called in some way now; infinitely large or small. It’s all perfect. You are made for these times or you wouldn’t be here. Deep Gratitude that we are all here Now.💗

And so it begins!

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Jen, this is so exciting. I cant wait to hear all about it. Safe journey to you both❤️

Mi piace
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