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The work I do is addressing and honoring

your Spiritual Intelligence...

Soul Readings
Your Soul holds the knowledge of your life purpose, and may have a different perspective to offer than the mind/personality. If you are seeking answers and life guidance,  an intuitive soul reading can provide the wisdom you are seeking. 

Mentorship cont'd
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“The point about Connectors is that by having a foot in so many different worlds, they have the effect of bringing them all together.”
- Malcolm Gladwell 

It is my greatest honor to be a Connector, to open the door to your potential so you can explore and connect directly with divinity in whatever way is true for you. So you can remember who you really are. When you can bring light to the dark places inside you, when you can see yourself as a fascinating mystery worthy of being explored, then you are on the way to developing confidence, and finding joy in your relationship with yourself and with others. The literal meaning of healing is wholeness. Together, we create space for all the aspects of yourself to exist, to be seen, and to be deeply valued.

As an imperfect human living an authentic life; as someone who has experienced trauma and deep wounding... and been mentored myself by powerful women and compassionate spirit guides, I take great joy in helping others. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you.

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I hope this poem I wrote resonates with You...


turn and face the west, the setting sun

take off your thinking cap,

and set it on the shore

wade into the mother waters,

the endless oceans that call to you

invite the unknown, the darkness

because the Soul thrives on Mystery

enter the current 


let it rip away the old dream

Feel the power in motion

to surrender is a courageous act of creativity

the old ones know this:

let yourself be remade 

by Invisible Forces

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