is that everyone who hears my voice in a sound healing session, or listens to my new album, "Sacrament" will have a direct experience of their divinity-

a validation of their sacred life, and a remembering that magic and mercy exist in spite of the deep suffering we experience.  May Sacrament be an inspiration for your own ceremony, and fill you with a breath-taking sense of what is possible.

~Jennifer Grais

honoring your soul

The work I do is addressing and


You are precious just as you are but it can be so very difficult to navigate our life's challenges. The goal is to empower and restore your soul's wildness so you can access your joy.

We all need courage, resilience and renewed energy in which to face not only the old familiar pain and patterns, but the unknown path which lies ahead… your new story is waiting for Your full radiance and participation!


In Private Sessions or workshops, Jennifer will work from your intent, and all sessions are intended to empower and bring healing and wholeness to your heart and soul. All work is for the sake of your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Here are some sample intentions:   

  • Discovering your life purpose

  • Soul Retrieval (for those who feel they have lost a part of themselves through trauma)

  • Contacting loved ones who have passed

  • Building resilience during life transitions 

  • Honoring a rite of passage or milestone in your life

Suggested Donation for Jennifer's Services: $125 - $150/ per hour 

Please contact her for more information. 



Private Session

Your Healing Session (Skype, Phone, or In Person)

Group Session

Book at either a private venue or studio venue 15ppl min. for a group sound healing or energy healing. 

Events are approx. 90 minutes

Please contact for more information

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