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Retreat Work

is that everyone who hears my voice in a sound healing session, or listens to my new album, "They Were Here" will have a direct experience of their divinity-

a validation of their sacred life, and a remembering that magic and mercy exist in spite of the deep suffering we experience.  And of course I also wish that The Spirit of “Horse” that came through on this recording will speak to your wild heart & soul and fill you with a gorgeous and breath-taking sense of freedom.

~Jennifer Grais

Retreat and Conferences

Energy Circles
Morning Rituals
Morning Check in 
Guided Visualizations
Energy Healing Work
Providing Direct Experience of Divinity
Emotional & Spiritual Support
Creating Sacred Space
Leading Group Discussions
Group Processing 
Motivational Guidance
Evening Ceremony

Mustang Maddy Running Wild Retreat,  2019

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