Jennifer is a Spirit Channel who brings messages to you from your Spirit Guides, Guardians, or Ancestors using her beautiful voice to access the higher realms.  Each song she sings is uniquely inspired for you by what messages your heart and soul is longing to hear.  Jennifer creates a safe field of love in which you can rest and receive insights into questions you want to ask for your healing and well-being. 



"Whether I am working with an individual or group, or recording in the studio I find that I tend to channel stories, medicine songs, and energetic assistance from Spiritual Guides--- those wise and compassionate ones who have gone before—who love you deeply and wish to bring you a new level of freedom, balance, and wholeness."


Private & Group Sound-Healing Sessions

Ceremonial Blessings

Energy Healing


Off Site Events/ Workshops

Spiritual CPR (15-20 min sessions)


“If all the animals were gone, we would die from a great loneliness of the spirit.  For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to humans.  We are all connected.”   Chief Seattle




Also available on iTunes and Amazon

Sacrament, my second album with recording artist Byron Metcalf, is for those who are on a path of self-exploration, meditation, inner healing and transformation. This album is designed to be experienced as a ceremony. Simply set up a comfortable place to listen with headphones, set an intent, and then lay back. Each track is set up to take you safely into your experience. We invite you to see yourself as sacred, to explore the possibility that your life is a gift, and to experience Earth as the Mother of us all - to melt into a state of union with your heart and to make space for what matters to you.


Also available on iTunes and Amazon

A shamanic, epic full Length album, invoking our sacred connection to The Natural World, and the profound divinity of our Earth, our Ancestors, and to the wild ones.

Jennifer Grais is located in the beautiful town of Sonoma, California. There she practices at the historic Westerbeke Ranch. She also leads workshops in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay, California, and in the mountains of Colorado. Inquire with Jennifer about providing services in your area or you can visit her at her Sonoma location.
*Due to Covid-19 Jennifer is available for virtual sessions only.
Westerbeke Ranch Retreat Center
2300 Grove St
Sonoma, California




For any inquiries, please contact Jennifer Grais

Tel: 310-963-5386

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Westerbeke Ranch 6-8pm
Healing Grief in Sacred Sound is a 6-month series, featuring 6 different sound healers, who are each dedicated to bring forth their unique skills and styles, in order to facilitate a safe holding place to allow each of us to have our grief —our whole hearts—immersed in sacred sound.


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