In a Private Session, Jennifer will work from your intent, and all sessions are intended to empower and bring healing and wholeness to your heart and soul. All work is for the sake of your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. Here are some sample intentions:   
Discovering your life purpose
Soul Retrieval (for those who feel they have lost a part of themselves through trauma)
Contacting loved ones who have passed
Building resilience during life transitions (break-ups, new job, moving, puberty, menopause ect)
Empowering your voice so you can speak (and/or sing) from the heart.
Honoring a rite of passage or milestone in your life

Suggested Donation for Jennifer's Services: $100/ per hour 

Please contact her for more information. 

Shamanic Journey Classes

The classic shamanic journey is a visionary method that has been used for thousands of years to explore the hidden universe known mainly through myth and dream. l teach people how to journey (it is a form of active meditation)  in a fun and easy way.  During the journey, I will drum and sing for the group as they lay down on yoga mats with cozy blankets.  It is restful for some, exciting for others.  I always love hearing what happened during the journey.  Some people are visionary, and see things, others are more kinesthetic and feel things, while still others are more auditory and hear information.  Each person gets the experience that is perfect for them. In each case, you will be doing what shamanic cultures have done for thousands of years...seeing with the heart. After the journey, participants are encouraged to write down what happened in their journals.


The intention is always for  healing-- that is the whole idea.  Some people get information, see relatives that have passed, or meet a power animal or teacher that gives them a sense of peace (often using humor to teach you) and love. When we journey, we always travel to the realms where loving and compassionate spirits are willing to help us.  These spirits may be known as angels, arch-angels, spirit guides, bodhisattvas, religious figures, or spiritual aspects of Nature (animals, trees, stones, Devas, Faeries, elements ect) 


In whatever part of the wheel of the year that you find yourself, it can be helpful to plant seeds (of dreams/plans) you have envisioned for the path ahead..  The shamanic journey allows you to 'lean into' those dreams and plans and ask for assistance, wisdom, and guidance.  It is also an important tool used to ask for healing for physical ailments, and every day challenges.  In shamanic work, the spirits will address the spiritual or emotional aspect of an illness.


It is truly amazing that a practice like the shamanic journey, that has been utilized for thousands of years across the globe is still available-- and viable-- for us to use plant medicines required! Just the drum ( which the brain entrains with and moves into a more relaxed, dream state (alpha and theta) your intention, and a safe space is all that is needed.  Yes, the tools for the journey are the drum, your intent, and a safe and loving energy field that we create together by utilizing the Medicine Wheel Teachings and calling in love from all of the directions.


In many cultures ( not just the Native Americans-- all the horse cultures of the world)  the drum was considered the horse that could carry you to other realms.  I love how the drum is familiar to all of us-- after all, we listened to our mother's heartbeat in the womb.


Many are familiar with the image of the World Tree.  It's branches stretch high into the heavens, while the roots sink deep into the earth.  In many cultures across the world, the image of the world tree was used to show the cosmosology of the entire world-- including the spirit realms which surround our earthly experience from above and below.  In the shamanic journey we may climb the world tree (up or down) to reach the spiritual realms that are full of loving and compassionate spirits willing to offer us their love, wisdom, and energetic healing.


As we begin class, I will smudge you with sage or essential oils as a cleansing and balancing ritual intended to help you release any worries or burdens you are carrying.  As a sound healer, I may use other rattles, singing bowls, and/or my voice to create a healing space. During the evening I may also lead a guided visualization to relax and bring healing to the body before you journey. To close the circle you will be invited to share your journey if you wish, or to ask for healing for yourself or loved ones.


Join us and experience how the shamanic journey is utilized to help restore spiritual power and health both at home and around the globe. 


No previous knowledge required. Those who have more experience are also welcome.

Please bring a rattle, a journal( to write down your journey), an eye-covering, and if you wish, the picture of a loved one, a stone, or something for the altar that you would like to bless.


*Jennifer teaches at yoga studios or if you gather 4 or more people she will come to your space.  Contact her for pricing.

Private Session

Your Healing Session (Skype, Phone, or In Person)

If emotions come up they tend to move quickly in the heart field we create together.  What I love most is that each client has a direct experience of their divinity- a remembering that magic and mercy exist in spite of the deep suffering we experience. Often people report having a better sense of the next step to take in their lives and more trust in themselves. You might also connect with a spirit helper or a childhood love (of water, nature, an animal, or a tree) that helps you feel safe and protected and gives you Courage, Resilience, and Renewed Energy in which to Face not only the old Familiar pain, but the unknown path which lies ahead waiting for Your full Radiance and participation!

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